Especially for Beginners: Be Personally Mentored by Chris to be a Profitable Investor in US-Listed Stocks such as Facebook and Amazon (using Value Investing methodology) with The Online Mentorship Program Subscription as Your Partner in Your Lifelong Stock Investing Journey!

IMPORTANT: is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme. Chris Will Not Hand Over Stock Tips for You to Blindly Follow. The Online Mentorship Program is ONLY for People with Zero/Little Background in Stock Investing and is Willing to Put In The Hard Work and Time (Min 2 Hours/Week) in Learning How to Invest in Stocks Confidently.

Ever Asked Yourself These Questions?

1. How Do I Start Investing In Stocks?

2. Is Stock Investing Risky?

3. How Do I Know Which Stocks To Buy?

4. How to Identify Stock Investing Opportunities?

The Chances Are – Yes!

I know because all of my friends who want to Achieve Financial Freedom Early have asked me all of the above questions before.

And it got so bad that I know I have to start Online Mentorship Program.

This is to provide anyone with zero to a little background in stock investing to have A Trusted Source to Learn Stock Investing using Value Investing Methodology from.

What is Value Investing?

Value Investing is the Proven Stock Investing Methodology practiced by Warren Buffett.

It does not Require Spending Hours Looking at Chart Patterns and Stock Prices.

It Focuses on Analysing the Fundamentals of a Company.

Why Value Investing?

You Only Need 30 Minutes a Month (at most) to Monitor Your Stock Portfolio of Wonderful Companies You Bought at Good Price. Hence, Saving You Time to do Other Things You Like in Life.

It is Proven. Billionaires Like Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman Use Value Investing to Invest in Stocks and They Achieved Amazing Returns over The Years.

The Picture below shows Warren Buffett’s Net Worth Throughout The Years Achieved Through Utilizing Value Investing Methodology.

“Stocks are simple. All you do is buy shares in a great business for less than the business is intrinsically worth, with management of the highest integrity and ability. Then you own those shares forever.” – Warren Buffett

If You Do Not Invest Correctly Starting Today

1. You May Make the Wrong Investment Decision and Lose a Lot of Money

2. You May Lose Out on The Opportunity Cost to Invest the Money You Have

3. You May Never Achieve Financial Freedom

Yes, You Can Attend Investment Courses

BUT it will Cost You Easily Three to Four Thousand Dollars and Many Days to attend it.

The investment cost can be high for many beginners who do not have much capital, to begin with.

And with stock investing being a lifelong journey of learning, just attending one course would not cut it. 

You Need Me to Guide You on a monthly basis and educate you on the psychological aspect as much as the technical aspect of stock investing. 

Investing is indeed more than 50% mental and knowing the right frameworks such as Understanding Zero-Risk Bias, Choice-Supportive bias, and Bandwagon Effect are important to ensure steady return over the course of your life.

Yes, You Can Learn From Websites

But Stock Investing Is a Complicated Subject and it is very hard to turn the Knowledge into Application.

The biggest enemy in investing is yourself.

You need A Genuine and Real Person as your Mentor to guide you throughout your stock investment journey, month after month.

The Reason Why I Know All This Is Because

I was once a Student Like You trying my best to learn how I can invest safely in stocks and earn a sustainable return over the course of my life. 

I did not have any mentor then. 

And it all changes when I found a mentor to help me kick start my stock investing journey through value investing.

A method that has already been proven to work for over a century.

It is true that through this specific stock investing method, I managed to achieve above market return investing in the stock market. 

Only if you agree with what I have been saying so far, then you should Read On (Five Minutes Read).

I Will Share with You More About The Online Mentorship Program.

What is this program about? Imagine a Monthly Investment Newsletter Subscription with the Added Benefit of a Starter Guide for Beginners and a Monthly Live Q&A Session Personally With Me. You Will Also Get The Checklist to Show You How I Personally Analyse Stocks. Plus a 24/7 Personal Investment Mentorship via Email to Answer All Your Questions to Give You The Certainty You Need to Invest in Stocks Using Real Money.

I Will Also Teach You a Proven Stock Investing Method that Allowed Me to Earn Multiple Streams of Passive Income of 8% – 15% Per Year.

Actionable Insights 100% Guaranteed.


Chris is a Highly Sought After Stocks Investment Speaker in…

Various Investment Seminars. Focusing on specific stocks case studies and education on Value Investing.

Government Educational Institution like Singapore Polytechnic. Sharing with students my journey and passion in Value Investing. And the importance of investing in financial education early to achieve Financial Freedom.

In Other Reputable Companies that Provide Education on Value Investing. Talking about the Stocks that I Invested In.

The Lifelong Learning Institute in Singapore. As an invited speaker sharing about The Art of Value Investing.

One of The Top Universities in Asia – National University of Singapore Tembusu College. Sharing with students that it is Never Too Young to Start Learning Stock Investing.


And Much More…


Here’s What Other Top Leaders Have to Say About Chris Lee Susanto as seen here

“Chris from Re-ThinkWealth has the Value Investing gene in him. I have seen his Impressive Investment Analysis in action. I believe that All Value Investors Will Benefit by listening to his insights!” Justin Tjoa

Co-founder and CEO, Algo Merchant Pte Ltd

“Great guy. Mature for his age and Good Insights. Would Recommend that People Subscribe to His Newsletter – useful!” Kevin Lim

Associate Director - Portfolio, Strategy and Risk Group, Temasek Holdings

“Chris displays Great Knowledge and Familiarity as well as proficiency evident through his capability in producing Stellar Investing Results!” Cayden Chang

Director & Founder, Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy

“I’ve been very impressed with Chris as someone who sets goals for himself and works hard to realize each of them. In particular, he’s impressed me with his knowledge of the finance world – particularly Value Investing and Options Selling – and I have found his Investing Newsletter to be Very Informative. He’s also a genuinely pleasant and gracious person – and very grounded – someone I enjoy talking with whenever the opportunity arises. I’m excited to see where life is going to take Chris – what opportunities will come his way – I believe his level of initiative is going to take him far.” Tom Estad

Academic Director, SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme, Singapore Management University

Introducing The Online Mentorship Program!

Utilizing A Specially Crafted 4 Steps Solution

I Know That Nobody Will Be A Stock Investing Genius Through One Course Alone.

Investing is, After All, a Lifelong Journey.

The Subscription Model of Online Mentorship Program is The Most Effective Solution in The Market Today.

Simply Because It Is Progressive and Cost-Effective.

You Will Be Mentored Personally throughout Your Lifelong Investing Journey.


Step #1 - Starter Guide to Value Investing and Options Selling

  • Immediately Receive This Guide After Joining Us
  • This Practical Guide gives you
  • Clear Idea of what is Stock Investing Using Value Investing and Options Selling Methodology and how you can Profit using it
  • 5 Common Psychology Traps that Every Investor Face 
  • 8 Effective Investment Ratios that I Like to Use for My Personal Stock Analysis
  • 20 Selected Investment Lessons That I Learnt From Both Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch

(US$1,999 VALUE)


Step #2 - Monthly Stock Case Study via PVIN (Premium Value Investing Newsletter)

  • Every Last Day of The Month:
  • Get The Monthly Newsletter containing:
  • 10 Most Promising Stocks in My Current Stocks Watch List for The Month (Consisting of a Good Range of Dividend, Asset Play, Turnaround and Value Growth Stocks)
  • 1 Complete Stock Analysis/Case Study a Month = 12 Complete Stock Analysis/Case Study a Year – Hand-Picked From 1 of My Top 10 Most Promising Stocks Every Month
  • We use a Systematic Method of Stock Analysis That All Beginners Can Model After
  • I Focus on The United States Stocks – But The Technique Can Be Used for Any Stock Market in The World
  • Read My Thought of the Month that I Learnt from various Investment Experts 
  • As a Member, You Will Also Gain Access to All My Current Stock Holdings Details (Including The Price I Bought My Stocks at)
  • Every Monthly Newsletter (PVIN) Will Come Along With The Most Updated Checklist to Aid You in Doing Your Own Stock Analysis Systematically While Receiving Guidance From Me

(US$3,199 VALUE)

Step #3 - Monthly Live Q&A on Our FB Group Forum

  • Every Last Weekday of The Month:
  • Each Month I Host a ”Members Only” Monthly Live Q&A Session
  • I will Share with you LIVE How to Buy and Sell Stocks using Online Platforms and Explain the Technical Aspect of the Stock Analysis From PVIN
  • Timing: Every Last Weekday of The Month when the United States Stock Market Opens
  • The FB Group forum serves as a Supportive and Real Investment Community for Your Stock Investing Journey

(US$2,149 VALUE)

Step #4 - Unlimited Personal Investment Mentorship

  • Anytime:
  • You can Email Chris 24/7 at
  • And Get Any Investing Questions Answered-Comprehensively within 2 Working Days
  • The Mentorship Will Give You The Level of Certainty You Need to Invest in Stocks With Real Money

(US$5,199 VALUE)

TOTAL VALUE: US$ 12,546 Per Year

Regular Price For The Online Mentorship Program Subscription:  US$1,997 Per Year

 Limited Time Discount – Invest in The Online Mentorship Program Today at Only…

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If you have any burning questions, do feel free to WhatsApp +65 8394 6824.

What Real Members Have To Say:

“The PVIN (Premium Value Investing Newsletter)  found in is very comprehensive. I love it and looking forward to it every month. You will not regret signing up for”

Leonard Tan

Entrepreneur , Self Employed

“Chris is a genuine person who is passionate about educating the public about value investing. Every month, I look forward to receiving his monthly newsletter.”

Ken Tan

Associate Senior Marketing Director , Huttons Asia

“I recommend that everyone signs up for because I can safely say that Chris is someone who will genuinely educate you to become successful in stock investing. He does not paint you with unrealistic expectations and is very patient in guiding you month after month if you have any questions. ” Yusfebri Mianta

Analyst Satellite Office Support, Rio Tinto Group

Three Reasons to Sign Up Today:

#1 - Personal Mentorship by Chris

  • With Personal Mentorship from Chris, you will Achieve Better Investment Returns
  • Simply Because You Will Be Drilled by Chris on a Monthly Basis on Learning Stock Investing, the Correct Way

#2 - Save Thousands of Dollars

  • Why Pay US$3,000 to Attend 1 Course on Stock Investing When you can Get Something Better at 6 times less the cost at US$497/Year?


#3 - Your Price Will Never Increase After Joining

  • Your Price For The Online Mentorship Program Will Never Increase After Joining

Upon Becoming a Member, Here Are The Steps to The Online Mentorship Program:

Step #1Receive The Starter Guide to Value Investing and Options Selling Immediately Upon Becoming a Member

Step #2Get Our Monthly PVIN (Premium Value Investing Newsletter) Delivered to Your Email Every End of The Month

Step #3Attend Our Monthly Live Q&A Session Inside Our Members Only Facebook Group

Step #4Receive Unlimited and Personal Investment Mentorship with me via Email to Answer All Your Queries Before You Invest in Stocks with Your Real Money (To Give You The Certainty You Need)

End Goal-> To Mentor You from a Beginner to a Profitable Stock Investor (invest in at least 1 stock that makes a profit) Within 6 Months of Joining.

P.S: The Stock Investing Knowledge from The Online Mentorship Program can be used for Any Stock Market in the World.

More Testimonials For Chris on The Online Mentorship Program

“I am learning stock investing using value investing methodology from Chris. Chris could answer any questions that I have well thought out details. His monthly PVIN under can provide me insights that I could learn in choosing the correct company. I look forward to learning more from Chris. ” Vincent Tatan

Software Engineer (Mainframe and Core Processing), Visa

“ provides end-to-end services for people with little or no experience in value investing!! The community is indeed a great platform for like-minded value investors to come together and share insights. It has also expanded my investing knowledge and boost my confidence in putting theory into action. Chris is passionate and dedicated as a personal mentor and help people achieve their financial goals. I strongly believe is one of the best investing academies to start with for beginners. ” Darren Lau

System Analyst , FJ Benjamin

Regular Price For The Online Mentorship Program Subscription:  US$1,997 Per Year

 Price to Join Can Be Raised Without Any Notice… So Lock In Your Price Now (Your Price Will Never Increase Upon Joining) – Invest in Your Future Today with The Online Mentorship Program at Only…

 Ready to Become a Member Now? – If You Can Afford 1 Starbucks Frappucino A Week, You Can Afford The Online Mentorship Program. Cancel the Plan at Anytime by Sending an Email to

If you have any burning questions, do feel free to WhatsApp +65 8394 6824.