IF you have some spare cash to invest... BUT do not have a lot of time to shortlist good companies' stocks, analyze companies, AND still want to make your own decision to invest in good companies stocks at a good price...

Sounds like you?

I can provide: My time and effort to discuss companies on a 1-to-1 basis, constant check-ins and mentorship/guidance, weekly and monthly new contents, closed knit closed group community focusing on value investing.


Here’s what other top leaders have to say about Chris as seen here

“Chris has the Value Investing gene in him. I have seen his Impressive Investment Analysis in action. I believe that All Value Investors Will Benefit by listening to his insights!”

Justin Tjoa

Co-founder and CEO, Algo Merchant Pte Ltd

“Great guy. Mature for his age and Good Insights. Would Recommend that People Subscribe to His Newsletter – useful!”

Kevin Lim

Associate Director - Portfolio, Strategy and Risk Group, Temasek Holdings

“Chris displays Great Knowledge and Familiarity as well as proficiency evident through his capability in producing Stellar Investing Results!”

Cayden Chang

Director & Founder, Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy

“I’ve been very impressed with Chris as someone who sets goals for himself and works hard to realize each of them. In particular, he’s impressed me with his knowledge of the finance world – particularly Value Investing and Options Selling – and I have found his Investing Newsletter to be Very Informative. He’s also a genuinely pleasant and gracious person – and very grounded – someone I enjoy talking with whenever the opportunity arises. I’m excited to see where life is going to take Chris – what opportunities will come his way – I believe his level of initiative is going to take him far.”

Tom Estad

Academic Director, SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme, Singapore Management University

Here’s what Chris’s students are saying:

I am relatively new to investing and oh boy let me tell you what an emotional rollercoaster ride it has been so far. It is very important to be on the right track from the start and acknowledge that value investing takes a lot of initial effort and due diligence. And like all things worth learning, the learning never stops!  Now, this is where Chris shines.  The very 1st article that I read word-to-word, written by him was on MBT. Then KERX, and most recently GME. I can imagine the tremendous amount of work and effort he poured in relentlessly for each case study. And his analytical precision is admirable. Chris has been very generous and sincere in imparting his well-versed knowledge in stock investing! Can definitely learn a lot from him and count on him to guide you on your baby steps into investing!”

Darren Teo


“The Monthly Newsletter which is a Part of The ELITE mentorship with Chris is very comprehensive. The Content is Well Organised and Serves as Useful Advice, be it on Value Investment Strategies or Stock Picks. I’m pleased to Have Signed Up and Looks Forward to It  Every Month.”

Leonard Tan

Entrepreneur , Self Employed

“Chris is a genuine person who is passionate about educating his students about value investing. Every month, I look forward to receiving his monthly newsletter.”

Ken Tan

Associate Senior Marketing Director , Huttons Asia

“I recommend that everyone signs up for the mentorship with Chris because I can safely say that Chris is someone who will genuinely educate you on your own pace to become successful in stock investing. He does not paint you with unrealistic expectations and is very patient in guiding you month after month.”

Yusfebri Mianta

Analyst Satellite Office Support, Rio Tinto Group

“I am learning stock investing using value investing methodology from Chris. Chris could answer any questions that I have well thought out details. His monthly newsletter under ELITE One-To-One mentorship can provide me insights that I could learn in choosing the correct company. I look forward to learning more from Chris.”

Vincent Tatan

Software Engineer (Mainframe and Core Processing), Visa

“I’ve just started my investing journey with Chris. Despite being a curious, doubtful and meticulous person, Chris is always sincere and positive in guiding me. Being introduced to the world of investing by Chris, I assimilate that patience, hard work and discipline are imperative to be successful. Nothing comes free and easy. Chris has been very generous in sharing his investment portfolio, strategy and wisdom with me. Chris had already past me the tools of his trade, ultimately it is up to me to make things happened. I’m sincerely grateful and fortunate to learn from him. I still have a long way to go and I’m sure Chris is always available when I require assistance.”

Jackson Pay

HR Executive, Fu Yu Corporation Limited

“RWOA.io provides end-to-end services for people with little or no experience in value investing!! The community is indeed a great platform for like-minded value investors to come together and share insights. It has also expanded my investing knowledge and boost my confidence in putting theory into action. Chris is passionate and dedicated as a personal mentor and help people achieve their financial goals. I strongly believe RWOA.io Online Investing Mentorship Subscription Program is one of the best investing education solution to start with for beginners.”

Darren Lau

System Analyst , FJ Benjamin

“I never regret of my decision to join as Chris’s student. Even though I just joined recently, I have learned a lot from Chris. By just few days, I gained lots of knowledge that has raised my confidence to put my money into stocks. Chris is a very kind mentor, I feel so lucky that I can know Chris. He always helps me even though I asked tons of questions almost every day. Joining this program will be a very good start for anyone who wants to join. I definitely recommend this platform. DON’T HOLD YOURSELF, START NOW AND YOU WILL BE AN AMAZING INVESTOR THAT YOU WILL NEVER IMAGINE BEFORE!”

Matthew Adrian


“Being in the value investing mentorship with Chris program has changed my life financially for the better. Chris is a passionate value investor and it is evident in the work that he put in for his members. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in – which easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in Chris’s mentorship program.

Jess Liu

Executive Director, DBS Treasury & Markets