RWOA.io Focus Skype Session.

– This special offer is only for people who have paid for a www.RWOA.io Online Mentorship Program membership.

РRWOA.io Focus Skype Session works best before your investment. For people who want to have a discussion on their stock idea before they invest using real money through a one on one face to face video call session with a certified RWOA.io trainer (primarily Chris).

– Before the video call session, you will pass me your stock analysis of the stock that you want to discuss first. In which, I will enhance on that and see if there are other aspects that you might be missing.

– Of course, as an RWOA.io member, you can also email me your questions. But the good thing about the RWOA.io Focus Skype Session is that it allows immediate feedback (before the price of the stocks you want to buy rise again). Immediate feedback also allows immediate clarification on certain technical terms regarding the target company that might not be clear.

– The key is to get the “objective discussion before investing in stock using real money through immediate feedback”.

– The investment for FSS is US$97 per 25 minutes session. This is only to cover our time and effort in doing the research prior to the video call and for the 25 minutes of video call session. That is why this is offered especially for a current member of RWOA.io only.